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1 week down

I finished my first week of radiation. I think it went ok. I was so nervous Monday. Turns out the actual procedure isn't scary. I scared myself thinking it was going to be worse than what it actually is. Monday and Tuesday it seemed like I didn't do anything. I went to radiation, got my dog and walked in the park, went to work and came home feeling good. Same on Tuesday. No problem. Thought I was good. Not the story. Wednesday went to appointment, got my dog and went to the park. This time it was different. I got tired quickly. Only lasted 20 minutes. I listened to my body, and we left and went to work. I ended up going home at 4pm. Tired. Thursday, I woke up feeling ok but tired. Went to my appointments, worked and came home. What I did notice was starting with my 3rd treatment I get a little nauseated within 3 hours of the treatment. I really don't want to take medicine for it. If I can control the nausea with Dramamine naturals, which is just a lot of ginger, then that's what I'll do. I'm hoping it doesn't get worse. Friday was a good day. I went to work, and I was home by 3:30pm. I told my parents I was ok to meet them at the farmers market by my house at 5:30pmSomething strange happened. I was getting overwhelmed by the heat. That's not normal for me. I love being out in the sun. I bought my eggplants and my parents, and I grab gyros and took them home to my house so I could get out of the sun. So, is being sensitive to heat a side effect? My elbows were sweating, and my face was getting red. Freaking sucked! I ended up going to bed at 10:30am and didn't wake up until 8am. That's rare for me to sleep that long. I couldn't do much Saturday. I just felt tired. I watched tv and sat outside for a little. My only goal for today was to sweep and dust. As of 6:51pm, right now, I've only swept. I wasn't expecting the fatigue to kick in so quickly. I'm glad though it's the only side effect at the moment. No burn in the targeted area and no shooting random pain. I'm blessed and thankful for that. Football for my grandson is starting soon so getting this under control is super important to me. I listen to what my doctor says and I read up on it and see if there are any tips on handling it. 15 more sessions, 3 weeks to go and I can put this for the most part behind me. I know God is with me. I know I have family and my inner circle of friends supporting me and with that....I AM BLESSED. I just have to remember to be easy on myself when I don't do a lot during the treatments.

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