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I know the drama filled blogs are more exciting but honestly I'm hoping not to have those anymore. Since I had that weekend off and I renewed my mind. When I stop crying to God about how big my problems were and started telling my problems how big my God is I'm at peace and happy. I'm back were I was before with only 3 jobs on the board but this is different. This time I'm not having anxieties or crying and feeling depressed. This time I'm yelling at the job board telling it I know what I see is no jobs but the fact is my God is bigger than my problems. That this isn't a surprise to him and he will give us jobs. I go to work every day doing what God wants me to do. I am truly keeping the faith and staying at peace and rest. We go out and bid jobs and do the work. We don't cry or take advantage of anything. I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to not have to cry every day. I take this job personally. I want to be successful not

only for the guys but myself. I love my job and I started saying that again too. Yes I still love Fridays but I really do love my job. I asked God to fill my job board and keep us bust for at least 12 weeks. I believe deep down in my heart he will. Today in the mail I got a letter from the borough the company is in. It wasn't the normal sewage bill so I was kinda like now what but I did go back and say it's in God's hands. To my wonderful surprise I opened it and they owed us $779 because they over assessed our property. Are kidding? That's awesome! I will going forward, even if the doors do close, will believe this is God's will, stay in faith and rest and be at peace knowing all is well. Update on boyfriend in jail. Still there and miserable until his court date on Oct 13th. Have a wonderful weekend.

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