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Been Awhile

I know it's been awhile since I've written. So much to handle. Workers have forced me to let 3 people go out of their disrespect. I was waiting to see how long it would take for them to try to push me since its been 7 months since my boyfriend, their boss, has been here. What is surprising is after I did that the guys I kept were happy. It has been a longtime since we all went into the office after work and talked and laughed. That honestly confirmed that I had made the right choice. I did hire a temp for an as needed bases since we will need occasional help. We landed a huge job. I'm very excited about that. Since we got that job it allowed me to schedule a Christmas party for them. That makes my heart happy. They are good guys. Between the initial struggle at work with the disrespect and one of my best friends passing away . I have been full of heart break and emotions.. He started out as just one of the reps for a vendor but it grew into a friendship of 6 years. Yes he was 64 but to me that is young to die. He was my rock at work. We talked 4 times a week or he'd come visit me and my dog at work. We would talk about everything. His wife is super sweet too.

I talked to her over speaker phone but the first time I met her was at the funeral. I'm choking up typing this right now because they are such good people. He was a good man. Loved God, family and his country. The last thing he did when he visited me at work he wrote on the chalk board " God loves you". I have yet to erase it. I'm just writing around it. I can't get myself to erase it. I will soon because I have to and its part of the healing. I had my bestie of 21 years come over Friday for a girls night in. We had wine, food, made snow globes and watched Hallmark Christmas shows. I needed that. As much as I LOVE Christmas it is a little sad this year because I'm alone. Well not alone but alone when I go home. 5 weeks ago my boyfriend had court for possession and we waived it to get him in front of the main judge faster. They told us it'll be filed on Nov 29th. Chances are he won't be home for Christmas. I'm going to try to continue to heal myself during the holidays. I'll be ok. Just something I have to go through. At least it'll be peaceful and that alone is a blessing.

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