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Easier said than done

I find it funny that people think its so easy just to pick up and leave. They mean well and want the best for you but it's like they are so protective that they lack understanding of the situation and your side. They almost dictate with disgust in their voice. I don't take it personally because I know they care about me but if you're not in this situation or haven't gone through it please don't think it's so easy to just pick up and leave.

Sometimes I regret answering when they ask how are things with your boyfriend. I just want to skip the topic. My parents, daughter, and my best friend get it. We all might be a little pathetic because when my boyfriend is sober we all have a spark of hope. Do you get that? Yes, chances are he's going to relapse and home life will be he'll again but don't you see when he's sober that's the man I fell in love with. So don't tell me it's easy to just pick up and leave because it's not. I just had to get this out. Tired of people telling me to just leave and seeing me as weak because I don't right now. I leave on my terms and no one elses.

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