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Just the beginning

I went into surgery with good spirits. During the surgery they found a third lump by my armpit. They removed it and they are having it tested.It was deep so they had to dig down to get it. If it turns out to be cancer then the radiation target area will be bigger. Coming out of surgery was a nightmare. I hurt so bad. I had chest heaviness. They did blood work, x-ray and ekg. I was fine. I was nauseated. The gave me some meds and kicked me out. I left at 8:30- 9pm. They should of kept me. Gotta love Pittsburgh construction. The ride home I literally thought I was going to die. The detours and bumps with the stop and go was unbearable. I cried in so much pain and being dizzy like I haven't cried in my entire life. After my family got me to bed I remember crying until I guess I passed out. I didn't take any strong medication even though I was tempted to. I just rotated every 3 hours Advil and tylenol. The glue for the incision sucks. Its itchy and the armpit one with sweating caused a rash. Its finally going away and the glue fell off the armpit area. Its day 7 so I hope it's not too soon. Today was the first day I actually feel good. Still have to rest but at least I feel semi normal. I go for a follow up appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday. I guess that's when I will make an appointment with my oncologist. I don't know how this works. I want radiation to start so I can get it over with. I'll admit it does scare me a bit. My family and friends have been amazing during this. I hope I wasn't a huge pain in the butt.

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