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Wow, it's a Monday for sure! Let's start with the weekend. The beginning sucked. I'm not going to make this political at all. Me and a family member and a few friends disagree on the verdict of Roe vs Wade. Instead of agreeing to disagree it turns out into an all out war. With the friends ehhhh but the family member I love so it hurt. I keep my facebook normally happy and I post controversial stuff in my story so it's not being shoved down anyone's throat. They had a choice on whether or not to click on it. They know my stance. I'm Pro God, Pro Life and Pro Constitution. Sometimes I feel like they just want to argue. The family one unfortunately wasn't done in a story but on an actual page. Whatever now. We love each other and we are still going to the movies this week. So that's ok. The rest of the weekend was great. I accomplished painting, gardening and cleaning. Busy but I was still relaxed. Now it's Sunday night and I have a guy text me that he's going to be 9-10am.. ok. The guy who is supposed to be my right hand and has been the worst out of all of them. He's taking full advantage of my boyfriend ( his boss ) being in jail. Texts me a picture of what looks like a pregnancy test..he tells me he has covid. Whatever.