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I really don't even know what to say or do. It's Thursday and I had to call off half of the employees because of lack of work. I have 9 jobs but unfortunately most of the customers are trying to get in a last minute vacation before the kids go back to school and I can't start their job until Monday. Completely out of my control. The problem is I didn't have enough fillers to keep everyone working the rest of the week. I know this isn't my fault. I know it's my boyfriends for relapsing and going to jail and it's also the poor economy. Both reason is out of my hands but I still feel bad. I know that the employees at the end of the day don't care about how messed up it becomes when they call off . I know majority don't care and can get a job elsewhere. I care.

Maybe this will bring less stress if they do quit. Less overhead and maybe less stress on me trying to keep everyone working. Maybe this is a blessing but I don't see it. Maybe this is weeding out the crappy employees for the future, I don't know. So today I prepare myself to sell 2 trucks, which is ok they have been sitting there for at least 6 months to a year and not needed. I might as well get money for them to buy more material and take them off our vehicle insurance. It's a smart move regardless of the situation. I texted an employee to see who is working Monday so I can put together a schedule. Friday should be a short day for me and today I'll probably be out of here by 3. I have 3 people working today and as long as they get 8 hours its a good day. All I can do is pray for strength to come in every day and keep pushing through this until my boyfriend gets home and he can take over.

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