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I haven't been on for a month. I had a not so nice reaction to the tamoxifen. I literally called my doctor crying. For a straight month I have been runnning on 4 hours of sleep due to extreme unmerciful night sweats and chills. I've never had chills like this before.The only way to really describe it is being in a bikini laying in the snow of Alaska. It's awful. I take estroven non-hormonal because I can't have anything that promotes estrogen and 700mg of black cohosh a day. My doctor said the hot flashes can be a combo of cancer surgery, radiation, the medicine and menopause.All I know is these last 5 weeks have been miserable compared to the surgery and MRSA. My daughter and family got me Nickelback concert tickets for my birthday. It's tonight and I plan on going. I'm a little scared because I'm so worn down and tired. What if I get sick and ruin it for everyone? It's going to be 62 tonight and the concert is outside. I'm trying to plan how I'm going to dress. I've done things, pushed myself when I should of been resting. It has only been 5 weeks. I don't know why I do this to myself? lol I am nervous for this one. It's outside and late. I'm going to go home from work at 2:30 - 3pm so I can rest until they make their way over to my house ( we are taking 1 car). If I could take a nap I would definitely try. Any ways...praying for a fun safe time tonight and some good restful sleep when I get home later.

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