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You are Faithful

It's only been a full week since the sentence of my boyfriend. The roller-coaster of emotions are incredible. One minute I think I'm ok and the next minute I sit there and cry. When I cry I think how pathetic I am. I chose this right? Yes and no. The lump is still there but it appears to be getting smaller. I will continue to claim healing. When I go to the doctors March 2 than he can confirm and if it's still there my faith won't falter. Sunday was an amazing day for me. I stayed home and cooked 12 dinners to freeze so when I work late I can just pull one out of the freezer, heat it up and eat. I danced around the house singing and praising God. It was really amazing. Monday comes and I'm rudely awakened to be going back to work and

dealing with this for another 10+ months should I choose to. For the most part Monday was ok until I missed placed a check. A blank check. A blank signed check! I couldn't sleep. My stomach hurt. To lose something like that and this world being so terrible was definitely not good. I kept on telling myself I have fraud protection on that account so nothing can be cleared without my approval. Regardless I was sick from it. I just prayed and cried God please let an honest person find the check and turn it in. So here I am sitting at work and I see an UPS guy outside my door. I open the window and asked if he needed help and he showed me my check. I ran downstairs and he gave it to me. He said he found it in the bush next to my work. I asked him if I could give him a hug and he said yes. What an amazing man. I hope he gets blessed 7 fold! I went upstairs and cried from complete relief and thanking God that he had that young man show up when he did. God showed me he is watching out for me. That even when I don't feel it or see it he's there. He is faithful. He is my heavenly father and even when I fail he is there.

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