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I was going to blog today about how good things have been going the past almost 2 weeks until now. I went to work and I have a doggie cam. What do you do when you hear your boyfriend making a drug deal for today between 11am-12pm in 84 PA ? I know he's not getting the blueish oxy because his guy don't have them but none the less he's getting something. Now I have to wonder if those are the ones with the fentanyl in it and he's really risking his life.

I guess we know how my weekend is going to be. I don't know what's worse - him just being high and I like here we go again or me now knowing that it is going to happen today and the stress of waiting for it? I really don't have anything else to say. I'm anxious right now and I feel like crying. He told me he was really going to try...why did I believe him - again. I just can't anymore. I so hope he gets caught with these pills and goes to jail. I don't care if it's rehab, surviving an OD or going to jail that gets him sober. I just can't anymore.

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