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A day late

I know I said to be continued Thursday and it's Friday but my goodness work was insane yesterday. I did manage to get home by 6:15pm though so I was happy about that. Now to continue my weekend/Monday. Sunday night I told Mark from work there was a good chance I wasn't coming in on Monday. I went to bed Sunday night around 12:30am - 1am and I purposely left me phone in the livingroom instead of taking it to the bedroom like I usually do. I woke up at 8:45am Monday morning with 17 missed notifications from work and 3 from my boyfriend and a nasty e-mail from a customer ( she thought we subbed our job out because we have Jamaican speaking employees and she wanted us to do structural work to her rafters and it wasn't on the contract so I'm not doing it and I'm not now because she's not a nice person). I spoke to my boyfriend ( remember he's in jail for who knows how long) and he helped me answer her back.

I spoke to the 3 workers that called me and told them I was taking a day off. You would think that would of ended it..nope. Through out the day I received another 6 calls/texts from them and 2 of them came out to get a check signed because they said it could not wait until Tuesday. I know it's bs. It could of waited but I'm forced to so they don't quit. The truth is I don't want to do this anymore. I love my job but only when I'm doing my job and not my boyfriends job and mine. I went to my chiropractor yesterday and my phone never stopped. It's awful. So stressful. No amount of money in my paycheck is worth this. My peace is priceless. Part of me wishes I would of locked the doors and went on unemployment until my boyfriend was back. That would of been the easy answer. I wasn't thinking of myself at the time. I wanted to keep our employees working. I didn't want them to suffer because of their bosses poor choice. I will keep trying to do my best and praying. We are in way too deep now. Lots of jobs. I wrote a letter to his probation officer on a business level asking for work release. I kept personal feelings out of it because I'm sure they've heard it all. Right now thought I just need him at work. I do know in the winter , if he is not back, I am laying everyone off including myself. I'll go in 1 day a week to check mail and if there's an emergency I have my 3 people I'll bring in for that. That's the plan as long as I can make it until January.

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