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A day late

I know I said to be continued Thursday and it's Friday but my goodness work was insane yesterday. I did manage to get home by 6:15pm though so I was happy about that. Now to continue my weekend/Monday. Sunday night I told Mark from work there was a good chance I wasn't coming in on Monday. I went to bed Sunday night around 12:30am - 1am and I purposely left me phone in the livingroom instead of taking it to the bedroom like I usually do. I woke up at 8:45am Monday morning with 17 missed notifications from work and 3 from my boyfriend and a nasty e-mail from a customer ( she thought we subbed our job out because we have Jamaican speaking employees and she wanted us to do structural work to her rafters and it wasn't on the contract so I'm not doing it and I'm not now because she's not a nice person). I spoke to my boyfriend ( remember he's in jail for who knows how long) and he helped me answer her back.