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In My Feelings

Today is an exciting day but I'm moody as hell. After work we pick up my engagement ring. It's so pretty. I love it! My thoughts today are not on the happy occassion. It's on the next two days. Tomorrow morning I have my 1 year gyno check up. Normally I wouldn't be nervous but my chest has been hurting. Probably hormonal. I mean how can both boobs hurt. Ridicuololus. Why I believe I need the doctors to say hey you're all good is beyond me but I do. Deep down I know God has healed me and it's all taken care of but I'm failing on this not sinking into my emotions. My soon to be hubby was a little upset with me because I'm moody

and didn't "communicate" why. Yes I put that word in quotes because thats what he said. I don't believe in speaking yuckiness and negativity. I don't know. Am I wrong for not sharing my feelings? He wasn't here for the 1st round of this so maybe I feel like I have to do it on my own even though I don't. I don't want him to be mad at me but why do I have to share every little feeling? Why can't people just respect the fact that I wasn't ready to talk about it instead of getting all butt hurt? That irritates me. I'm sure he and other people don't share everything. I don't know...told you I was moody. Can I just go back to bed and start the day over?

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