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A Happy Overwhelm

The wedding date is set and the money has been placed to reserve the banquet room. I'm trying to keep the wedding small but somehow its still going to cost between 8k - 10k. OMG. Everything is just incredibly overwhelming right now. Some really good. Some is life. Work was busy in January and for roofing in Pennsylvania that's amazing. February is the stress of week to week. We are celebrating our 20th Anniverssary as a company. Most roofing businesess close before 10 years. I'm super proud to be part of this. I just wish it wasn't so unpredictable in the winter. I'm the only Office/HR/AR/AP/ PR person so all I do is calulate numbers. What we need now, next week and even three weeks from now. I'm always try to stay a head of the bills, taxes and whatever. Now trying to plan a wedding with this.....

I am happy but the busyness of both and doing all the other things in life ( taking care of house, laundry, cooking ( he helps some) and going to my grandsons activities ( which I will always do) took me down this past Sunday. I have a stomach ulcer from the stress of the ending of my first marriage and divorce. It tore me up. I guess that's why I've waited 24 years before I decided to say yes again. Any ways when I get too overwhelmed ( good or bad ) I produce too much acid and my stomach is on fire and takes me down. Bad. That was this Sunday and Monday. It's slowly getting back under control with my medicine and eating bland. I think I need to start using the wedding planner I bought. ,just to simplify things, and most of all remember God is in control.

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