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Begining of a New Year

A lot has happened. Pretty much all good. Health wise I'm still cancer free. I start a new cancer pill on Jan.7. I hurt my back. It's been about 4 weeks now. Already did the x-ray and it showed nothing bad. They scheduled me a CT on Jan 12 since its not better and just to make sure nothing bad is attacking my body. My oncologist said breast cancer is one of the cancers that can spread to the bone so he wants to be safe. I'm ok with it. I know I don't have it. It was the holidays and I did extra lifting so this doesn't suprise me. Now on a good note. My boyfriend is home. I picked him up on Dec 18. So far it has been awesome. He's still adjusting ( he was gone for 21 months). He's been helping around the house and really just being sweet

and loving to me. Telling me how much he loves me, appreciates me and wants to make me happy every day. He has his meeting and orders from the state he has to do and he's happy to do them. The state still owns him until March 2025. I'm not worried of him relapsing. I know its only been 2 weeks but I have high hopes for us. We are making sure not to overwhelm him at work. He's already doing amazing things at work. God has someone better equipped to work through. We went to the botanical garden outdoor Christmas light walk through for New Years Eve. He was so happy to participate and share this experience with me. The old him would of started a fight so we wouldn't go. This is a new better person that came out of prison. Here's to blessings, peace, healing and prosperity ( and engagement) in 2024. God bless all of you in 2024!

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