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Can I catch a break

I went to a gun bash with my son on Saturday. As we were there my incision under my armpit started leaking disgusting stuff. I had band aids and gauze in my purse but only 1 for a just encase. I leaked through that. I started to get nervous. I told my kids and they got the EMT. They gave me some super absorbent pad looking thing and medical tape. My daughter patched me up and we called the on call doctor. He contacted my surgeon. She called in an antibiotic and told me to keep changing the dressing. She made an appointment for me at the hospital to get it drained on Monday. I was in soooooooooo much pain Saturday night. It was awful. Sunday I changed the gauze and started pushing the ooze out more.

The more that came out the more relief I felt. So every 3 hours that's what I did. Monday I go to the hospital. Draining it hurt like hell. I had to get stitches because I had a reaction to the glue. Everything hurt that day. I went home and just kept falling asleep. I took advil and tylenol and iced it a lot. I went to work today for the first time in 3 weeks. My surgeon calls me and says the culture came back from my ooze and that it is MRSA. I was like great. She switched my antibiotic to something stronger for 10 days. Here's to praying I don't have a reaction to the medicine. This experience has been awful already and I didn't even start radiation. To anyone that maybe going through this it does get better. It just seems the worse is really really bad. Tomorrow I have my appointment with the medical oncologist to see what the full treatment will be. Until then my story is to be continued.....

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