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Thursday...It's going to be a good day at work. I had a little unnecessary social media drama at end of last week. I'm' over it but so not needed. Trust was broken and friendship damaged. What a shame. Almost 52 and had some drama. smh. It is what it is. Any way the good news is tomorrow I do the trial run for my radiation and I start my 20 sessions on Monday. Finally it's starting. The 1st week schedule isn't exactly what I wanted but the doctor said

the side effects won't start right away. The last 3 weeks will be in the afternoon like I wanted. My last week of radiation is my birthday week. What a great birthday present , to finally be done with the treatments. I think I may even make 1 Erie beach trip this year. I usually do 5 with my bestie, Dana. I'll take 1 after all this. My boyfriend comes home soon and I'll be done with treatment..heck yea! Good stuff. Remember all is well with you and your house!

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