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Light at end of tunnel

As I continue through breast cancer treatment I do have an update on my boyfriend. They finally transferred him to his " home prison " and he started the state prison drug program. The program is 2 years but not all behind bars. They give you just enough freedom that if you screw up than you are done for. I pick him up from his home jail on Sept. 29, 2023. I then take him to a prison rehab. He will stay there for two months. At the end of the two months he gets to come home , as long as the house passes inspection. Which it will. I don't do anything illegal

and I barely drink so having no alcohol in the house will be easy. At this point he will have required meetings and things he must do in order to pass the prison drug program. If he fails any part than he gets thrown back into prison for the remainder of his sentence which could be 1 -2 more years. He knows that if that happens he loses his business because I'm not doing this again. I don't believe he'll chance that and I really do believe ( pray and hope ) that he has it this time around. Prison and not being comfortable is his rock bottom and he hit it for sure. When he finally gets home he can work. I will be able to finally hand the reigns back over to him by Dec 1, 2023. Thank Gosh! It's all good news and I know the trials at work are almost over and I can go back to not stressing. AMEN!

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Oh, you finally got some details and answers! Yay!

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