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Love is in the air

So he's been home for 1.5 months and it's so wonderful. He's a different person. He asked me to marry him. I thought about it and said yes. I'm not going to live my life with the "what if's". What if he relapses and goes back to jail? What if he doesn't? I really love him. I decided I'm in it 100% with him. Some people may not agree with my desicion but I don't care. What made them so perfect that they feel they have a right to judge?

He's good man, sober. We have achance to build a happy loving life. Of course after everything him and I have both been through we deserve this. We deserve to be happy. He still loves God and we are trying to find a church to become a part of. I'm happy. He's happy. So July 2024 I will be trading in my last name for another one. Addicts do recover (they are always in recovery).

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