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I have a miracle to tell and I'm looking forward to it being a testimony. If you have been following me than you know my boyfriend has been in jail and they put him in solitary confinement for 10 days. When he finally was allowed to call me it was like I was talking to a different person but in a good way. He was very emotional and crying telling me about his time being locked up alone with just him and his thoughts. They gave him a short version on the New Testament from the Bible too. He had to face reality on who he was and how he treated people. He told me how sorry he was and he can't believe he treated me the way he did in his actions and words.

He told me how he read the New Testament over and over again. He loved The Book of John. He said he read the Book of John more than anything. He said he started to see why me and my family act and think the way we do and that he needed proof that Jesus existed but not anymore. He said he finally felt the presence of Jesus with him and that there was no way to explain it. The feeling of peace and joy was overwhelming. He wanted more. More bible, more Jesus and wants to be baptized. He told me they had a service where they sang Easter songs and he loved it and was crying like a baby. He also said they have a bible study but he didn't go because he was waiting in line to talk to me. I told him he should go to bible study and call me later. I always come 2nd to Jesus..always. He said ok. My heart is rejoicing. My boyfriend finally has a chance at his recovery and we finally have a chance at our relationship. Miracle do happen. Always trust in Jesus.

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