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Not as smooth as I wanted

I had the surgery almost 2.5 weeks ago. Of course I had complications. I woke up with heaviness on my chest. Tests were performed to make sure it wasn't my heart. That turned out ok. Then while coming off the anesthesia I was extremely nauseated. By this time it's 8:30pm - 9pm. They should of admitted me but nope. They gave me nausea medicine that did not work at all and sent me home. No pain medication either. Now I know I said I wouldn't take it but that night I would of and probably in the morning. The ride homr...I cried almost the whole way. My dad took the long way. Big mistake because of Pittsburgh construction. The stop n go only made things worse. What should of taken 40-45mins to get home actually took 1.5 hours. I finally get home and just cried in the car for what seems like 5 mins. They get me to bed and I feel like puking but I didn't. I just curled up and cried until I fell asleep. The bras they want you to wear for 24 hours a day is terrible. The 1 inch strip at the bottom doesn't really hold you up but it squeezed the upper abdomen. For the next 10 days I did faithfully the Advil and Tylenol mix with ice. It helped. Unfortunately, I got this terrible rash all over my breast and upper right arm. This is a miserable experience. They took out 6 lymph nodes and tested it (there was a suspicious one). 5 were benign the other one had metastic cancer but they removed it and it didn't have a chance to spread further. That was good and blessed for that.I had my follow up Tuesday and the put me on a steroid and they want me back to follow up my follow up next week. Ill go more into detail when the other follow up is complete.

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I’m sorry that things weren’t smooth for you. I’m glad to hear that they feel it didn’t spread any further and I hope that radiation goes smoother than you are expecting.

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