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Oh The Waiting

I got the phone call. The phone call I have been waiting. No chemo needed! I nearly cried when the doctor told me that. He cancelled our appointment for last week. I went into my radiation prep appointment happy. I can't take closed in anything so they gave me medicine to take the morning of and it worked. They set me up on the table, ran me through the mri machine, drew on me and tattooed 8 little black dots on my chest. This way the machine will be able to line up in the exact same spot every time. 20 sessions - 4 weeks - Monday - Friday..

no start date yet as it takes a week to a little over a week to figure out the plan of attack after I had the prep appointment. I'm anxious. The waiting for the start date is hard simply because its the beginning of the end on all the appointments and the breast cancer. I'm in good spirits. Trying to live my life the best way I can at the moment. I have great family and friends so I'm truly blessed. So I wait and wait and wait.....

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