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It's so amazing that through this difficult storm that I can still be at peace. I have my moments but than I go back to my faith and God reminds me that he's with me and in control. It for sure is a rollercoaster that never seems to end and I do go through the emotions but the peace I have is almost crazy. I get stressed out about it and I turn to God, either with prayer, song or listening to tongues on a Christian channel. I submerge myself in the word and thank him for HIS will in my life. That even though I may have my own plans I know HIS plan is better than I could ever imagine. So I sit and rest knowing all is well. It's God's timing not mine. One thing I learned is God's not early but he's never late. My story will continue and I'm excited to see what God does and no mater what tomorrow brings God has me always.

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