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I usually don't blog on Sundays but I figured why not share my thought s as I'm actually going through it. He's been high since last night. Running around the house singing, screaming and making a mess of the house. I'm doing what I usually do and go to my bedroom and basically hide as he's running a muck. I've learned to sit still and observe. I make sure he doesn't burn down the house or kill himself. I eat all my meals in the bedroom. Today a mutual friend of ours came over to give me a break. After this blog I will go to the game room and exercise. I'll only have a few hours of a break and I'll take it.

Before you ask why I don't leave for the day I will answer now. I have my curio that is filled with stuff from my grandma and brother. Both are no longer with us. I also have 2 Thomas Kincaid paintings I don't want ruined. So I'm protecting my personal stuff and that's why I stay when he's an active addict. Still balancing my financial accounts and searching for a house. What really pisses me off is how the doctor that prescribed him the oxy aren't be held accountable for this? Yea he's an addict and would get them anyways but the doctors gave him a 2 week pass with his PO if he actually called. Than as I sit here watching tv in my room I wonder how the PO isn't held accountable either? So many people have reported him breaking probation and the PO does nothing. I'm not shaking. Nor am I crying. I'm keeping my peace because of my faith. I just hope I can get some sleep tonight. Some of you might turn your nose up at my faith and it's ok. I'm here to share my experiences, my beliefs and how I stay spiritually balanced in not so happy situations. In saying that I want to thank everyone that read my blogs and follow me on Facebook. I truly appreciate it. I'm going to go exercise now before I lose this chance I hope you all have a peaceful happy day.

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