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Renewing the Mind

I had a wonderful weekend with my grandson. My sleep was not perfect though. Monday and Tuesday night I barely slept. I was waiting for the charges against my boyfriend to be filed. They were. They charged him with drug possession but classified it as a felony. I don't understand since it's the first offense with possession. Plus he's an addict so him having pills on him wouldn't be unusual. From what I understand ( nothing is definite, the judge can do whatever he wants) the six months he has been in there will be for violating probation but he could get up to a year plus a fine for the new charge. I literally was breaking down emotionally. I was talking to myself about the situation and decided to put on Creflo Dollar ( one of my preachers I love ) and I felt like his message was for me. Was all my negative talk about the situation bringing more trouble? As it says in Proverbs 23:7 As a man thinketh so he is. I decided Wednesday that I wasn't going to allow negative talk and thinking add more to the situation.

If you've been following you know I'm also running my boyfriends business while he is in jail. Now I armored up with the Amour of God and I declare victory, peace and jobs on my situation. It's good. I feel better. I was supposed to go up to Erie for a day trip with my girlfriend but she's not feeling well and we are re-scheduling. I'm not telling anyone that I'm not going. I'm still going to take the day off and take care of me. I want peace. I always say stand on faith but here I was claiming negativity by words instead of renewing my mind towards the situation. I'm glad I caught it. It will be different now. At least I will be in peace. Sunday is my parents 54th wedding anniversary. I'm going to grill for the family. Easy, simple and happy. I'm looking forward to next week at work and all the positivity and blessings poured on me and the company.

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