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They are not bad people

I wanted to start this blog different. I know I blog a lot about the hurt of being in a relationship with an active addict. They are human beings too. I thank God every day that I'm not an addict. That my children are not addicts and that my grandson will not be an addict. The truth is they don't want to be either. They never said when I grow up I want to be an addict and lose everything - possibly even my life. My boyfriend sober is a good man. Some traits even when sober I don't like Ex: selfish and crude with mouth but that doesn't make him a bad person. None of us are perfect in any way shape or form. He was high or did some form of drug every day since Dec 31. He knew my grandson's birthday party was Sunday. He was sober. The addiction has him and it has him bad. Yes, he's looking for the next high and likes being high. I do believe that. He doesn't want to hurt anyone. At least not on purpose. He stayed sober, even if it was just for that day, to be with family - to celebrate my grandson. I know the end result though if he doesn't change. It breaks my heart. I truly love this man but he's making really bad choices and he can't take me down with him. If you know an addict please know that it's not them. It's the drugs and alcohol. Why some can stay sober and some can't I don't know but please don't hate them. They never asked for this either. Yes you might have to make a hard choice for you and your kids and that's ok. Pray for them. Hate the disease - the addiction not the addict.

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