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Now that you know a short summary of how I got to here I'd like to move forward on to today.

Today is Monday, October 25-2021. I haven't cried today. I had a really wonderful weekend with my family. Grandson's football team won 1st round playoff in triple overtime and me and my boyfriend and doggie went on a small adventure looking at fall foliage. Sounds wonderful right? It was. Did having a weekend get rid of my problems?

Nope. It's days and weekend like this that keeps me hoping and pushing on. I did my prayers this morning and I felt the presence of God .Such peace that I can't explain. This world sucks and you have to be strong in your faith in God. It's only because of God that even though my family isn't restored and I'm not married and honestly my website being a few weeks doesn't have the traffic I want - yet doesn't mean that I can't still smile. I can see the good instead of always being depressed on what I don't have. My only advice to you today, as a person that makes mistakes and is not perfect, is to sit down today and talk to God. Tell God you love him. He's waiting for you.

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