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Un-Freaking - Believable

Yes I am still excited about the new probation officer switch for my boyfriend but what I didn't see coming was he has 1 free weekend to get in before the new PO takes over. Now saying that you already know what happened. Friday night was wonderful. He was out with some friends and I enjoyed a quiet evening at home eating chinese and watching christmas movies. Saturday wasn't terrible until 3pm. I was preparing for my family to come over on Sunday. We were celebrating my moms birthday and my nephew was coming in and I haven't seen him and his family since 2020 and he has an 18 month old son that I haven't met yet. I was soooo excited. I made my mom's cake, picked up some of the food from a catering place and than all hell broke loose. I literally was in complete awe that this was happening. I moved the cake and cookies I made in my bedroom on the night stand to protect it from getting destroyed. I sat on the couch crying. I just really couldn't believe it.

The house was complete chaos. I just cried and kept repeating my declarations to God and thanking him for dealing with this. I didn't sleep Saturday night..not really. Sunday came and he's still being dumb. My thoughts are if this doesn't stop in the next 3 hours I have to take everything to my moms. What a life this is? I will not have my family around him when he's like this. He did start coming down but now he looked liked death and kept nodding off cuz he was tired from not sleeping and doing pills. By the time 4pm came and my family was there he was fine but everyone knew about last night and I didn't have to tell them because of the way his eyes looked. I mean seriously did he think he could fool them? My nephew was on meth ( not an addict but he's not dumb, my brother was an addict and my daughters baby dad an addict. Get real..He's an idiot. I caught him right before he was going to snort some crushed pills. I talked to him. Told him this was a chance to do what was right. To choose good not bad. Well he chose bad. He always chooses bad. sigh

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