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Where do I begin now? My daughter's baby dad is trying to start crap after 3 years of not caring about his son. No contact with him whatsoever. My daughter's current boyfriend is wonderful and wants to adopt my grandson. My grandson wants that too and so does my daughter. My grandson does not want to see his biological dad, he's scared of him ( he's an addict and violent). So now we have 2 weeks ( 1 week now ) to plan an intimate wedding for immediate family only for my daughter and her boyfriend. It's a year earlier than originally planned but this is what we are doing so they can walk into court married and we can protect my grandson and hopefully get the adoption approved and the biological dad gone forever.

It's really going to beautiful and I'm so happy and excited for my daughter and her little family. Things haven't changed with my boyfriend. No news, no charges... Nothing. So it's frustrating not to have answers. He's been in there for 6 weeks already. In the end I'm running a business, my boyfriend is in jail and planning a wedding. It's a little stressful but I think I'm handling it well. I took today off for a mental break day and I plan on relaxing and watching Hallmark movies all day sipping wine.

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