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It's been a week. I was out of commission for 5 days with a sinus and head cold infection. During this time ( I'm still not 100% yet ) my boyfriend had to take care of me. I couldn't move and just wanted to sleep. I'm proud to say that he actually did take care of me. Picking stuff up from the store, checking in on me, making dinner and bringing me home St Patrick Day flowers. I actually got flowers just because and not because he screwed up.

I'm not saying he wasn't high but he wasn't out of control. Not that it's ok but I'll take it. Saturday I wanted to move a little so I made dinner. He drank 2 bottles of wine and 2 beers. He ended up only eating the perogies and went to sleep. Sunday I did a quick dust and sweep and made dinner. He looked in the fridge and said oh look we have perogies. I looked at him and was like what? I made them last night and you ate 4. He didn't remember any of it. How can someone be ok with living like that? He goes to see his new PO on Thursday. I'm sure he'll pass the drug test since he's afraid of her but deep down I know he's going to push his luck and get high after the meeting. The question isn't if he gets caught the question is when he gets caught what is going to happen. I'm at work now but will be leaving soon to go home and rest. I just wanted to give an update. God bless.

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