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After the awesome wedding of my daughter I decided to rest and just stay home that weekend. I'm glad I did. I ended up very sick. Turns out it was covid. It was only truly bad for 2 days. I've had bronchitis and pneumonia before and it wasn't worse than that but it was still miserable. Any time your sick it's miserable. I had the 103 fever off n on for 2 days, the sweats and chills and the tiredness. I still get tired which stinks because I feel like I don't have a life until I can stay up past 9:30 pm- 10pm again. I am and will always be a night owl and this is frustrating. I think what made it more miserable is I was alone. I didn't want my family to stop by and help. They offered but I never go around them when I'm sick. It's just common curtesy. I love them so why would I want to pass it to them. I lost 5lbs in a week. I was too tired to get up and make something to eat. I was blessed to have a whole bunch of Gatorade Zeros so

I just stock piled them on the table and stayed hydrated. Apparently when I was absent from work, even though I did do some work at home - I had to do payroll because I don't have a helper. It's just me and if I didn't do it know one would of gotten paid. Work fell a part. The guys were bickering. Instead of working together they all tried to take control. They meant well but it didn't work. Too many chiefs and not enough Indians as they say. I was back for 2 days and had about all I could take. I'm still tired and a little miserable. I called an 8am meeting on Wednesday and told them that it is mandatory. I came in Wednesday with donuts and had my bf, owner of the company, call from jail to help talk to the guys and raise their spirits. It worked. I even had 2 guys apologize for their actions. It turned out to be a really good day and my bf is being more pro-active in helping as much as he can considering the circumstances. This weekend is Memorial Day weekend and I'm going to stay home and away from my family just to be safe. I had plans. It was going to be nice but I guess it still can be - it'll just be me and my dog hanging out eating bbq by ourselves. I'll just maybe make it a Christmas movie weekend and buy some fun healthy food and stay in my pj's. I guess it doesn't sound too bad.

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