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Brief Break

Almost end of work day on a Thursday. Thank goodness. I'm taking the day off tomorrow to de-stress. This week was soooo much better than last week. Things are up and running and everyone is working. I had couple guys call off 2 days in a row. They are friends. one tells me there's an emergency than post pictures and videos of him hanging out. Basically if work gets slow I know the first 2 I will call to stay home and not feel bad about it. My boyfriend and I got into an argument. He's upset that it appears his lawyer isn't doing a damn thing. He has me texting and calling him. I'm trying my best to keep on the attorneys ass all the while

I'm running his company and taking care of his house. I told him to stop and I hung up on him. I get the frustration. I really do but do not take it out on the only person that has stood by his side all the while he treated me like crap. My fault for staying but that was the choice I made at the time. Since that argument he has apologized. He's scared. i really don't know what more I can do though. Luckily, I decided to take a me day. I will not be at work tomorrow. I told them do not bother me unless the building is on fire. I'm going to spend the day up Erie and chill on the beach for the day. Than Saturday and Sunday are days filled with family time. It will be a good weekend.

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