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I know its been a month since my last post. I had a rough patch. It has been almost a full 9 month I've been running my boyfriends company. I asked God for an amazing 4th quarter and that's exactly what he is doing. We are super busy and we still hit a little over a million in sales. That's not net but I'm still very proud of everyone that stayed through all the bs and helped. It was definitely a team effort. I can't take any of the credit away from God though. It was a lot of going home after work of crying and praying and just talking to God. The stress and busyness I thought I had under control. I was wrong. I got very sick twice. I have a stomach ulcer and stress and some spicy food ( which I love spicy food) can trigger it. I usually have it under control. Not this time. I had to call off work twice and I just stayed in a ball in bed trying to get it under control. It got so bad at one point I had to go to doctors to get a prescription. It ruined 1 weekend and that's all I was going to let it ruin. If anyone knows me they know I love Christmas and this IS my favorite holiday. As of right now I am treating it like when I first found out I had a stomach ulcer. It's terrible. Every morning I wake up I take 1 Protonix, 1 Ashwaganhda and Imodium AD if needed. In the afternoon I take a St John's Wart and a Nexium. Before bed I get to take another Protonix and Valerian Root. I've been watching what I eat. Mostly bland and boring. It seems to be working. I was able to enjoy my work Christmas party - that I am very grateful we could have. I also got to see my Uncle that came in for the holidays and this weekend was baking cookies

and basketball games with my daughter and grandson. I didn't miss any of it. I felt mini panic attacks coming on but worked through it. I got to see my grandson make the 1st basket of the game and he made 3 in one game and he slept over Saturday night. I will continue to eat bland until Christmas eve. I have my family over on Christmas eve and I usually just stay in my pj's Christmas day and watch movies. My children go to their dads that day. So If my ulcer acts up a little at least I'll be home. If I'm being honest I'm really pissed it even got triggered again. No job and no relationship is worth your health physically, mentally or emotionally. I am counting on things being as I deserve when my boyfriend finally comes home from jail. On that note his court date isn't until Jan 31, 2023. His lawyer is trying to get it sooner but we will see. The courts are treating him like he's a criminal instead of an addict. I guess he is because he relapsed and broke probation. I don't know I have mixed feelings about it all. I know I'm looking forward to this week. Wednesday my friends and I are doing a Christmas light walk through and I'm basically off Thursday ( rain day but I'll stop in for a minute to check the mail and I'll work from home too ) through Tuesday. So Merry Christmas! God bless you and your family with peace, love and happiness!

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