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Faith Over Fear

Best title I can have right now. It's Friday. All the bills are paid and payroll is paid. The bank account looks pretty weak but one touch from God it'll be all good. So I sit and wait for jobs to finish and jobs to get signed up to re-build the bank account. Truthfully even if I didn't have my faith what could worrying do other than make me sick. Without God I know the door would of or will close. I have God. He is bigger than all these situations and one touch of his hand can turn everything around and that's what I'm counting on. My boyfriends part 1 court hearing in next week on Thursday for possession. I'm not worried. I know God has that too. If it's God's will for him to stay in jail I know God will answer my prayer

and give him work release to help out here. I'm just calm now. Satan does try to attack me in my sleep and that twilight where you aren't fully awake yet. I've had disrupted sleep this whole week. No surprise really that I'm getting attacked. I did a spiritual warfare prayer against these attacks and I'm expecting a great sleep tonight. I only have my grandson's football game on Saturday. I'm gonna rest on Sunday which is going to be amazing. Fingers crossed my grandson's team wins this week and next week so we can be in the playoffs. I really do hate being alone all the time but I'm at peace. I don't know what's going to happen but I know God is handling it so life is good. I'm going to finish my lunch and a few things at work and go home. God is good!

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