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God grant me....

So many emotions in 2023 and it's only January. New Year's I spent it alone. Just me and my doggie. I decided to take down all my Christmas decorations except the tree. I hang snowflakes on my ceiling and I live in a split level. I climbed on the couch and leaned forward over the railing to grab the snowflake and my foot slipped in my slipper. I pushed myself back so I wouldn't fall over the railing. I fell backwards and hit the coffee table. I broke a couple glasses and the peppermint plate I made with my grandson. I just laid on the floor alone crying because I was in pain but most of all because I am so tired, mentally, physically and emotionally. This really triggered a lot of depression, which I am fighting it. It takes everything in me to go to work or go to my grandsons basketball games but once I'm out I'm ok at least until I get home again. I asked my daughter to help me take down the tree this past weekend. Her and my grandson came over after his basketball game and it was so nice to not be alone. Earlier that week I found a lump in my right breast.