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God grant me....

So many emotions in 2023 and it's only January. New Year's I spent it alone. Just me and my doggie. I decided to take down all my Christmas decorations except the tree. I hang snowflakes on my ceiling and I live in a split level. I climbed on the couch and leaned forward over the railing to grab the snowflake and my foot slipped in my slipper. I pushed myself back so I wouldn't fall over the railing. I fell backwards and hit the coffee table. I broke a couple glasses and the peppermint plate I made with my grandson. I just laid on the floor alone crying because I was in pain but most of all because I am so tired, mentally, physically and emotionally. This really triggered a lot of depression, which I am fighting it. It takes everything in me to go to work or go to my grandsons basketball games but once I'm out I'm ok at least until I get home again. I asked my daughter to help me take down the tree this past weekend. Her and my grandson came over after his basketball game and it was so nice to not be alone. Earlier that week I found a lump in my right breast.

No one knows except my parents. I'm running my boyfriends company but had to cut somethings to keep the doors open and one of them was the health insurance. So now I am claiming scriptures on the lump and I'm trying to find health insurance so it can be effective by Feb 1 and I get make an appointment. I'm concerned but not scared about it. It doesn't mean cancer. It could be a fibroid or cyst. I had a lot of fibroids and 1 cyst that's the reason I had a partial hysterectomy. So it wouldn't surprise me. I was deep in thought Sunday with healing and protection for me and my family. Than I get a phone call and my daughter was in a car accident. She's ok. No one was hurt. I went and got her since her car wasn't drivable. After I took her home I just cried. What if I would of lost my daughter? I couldn't deal with that. I thank God that she is ok. She has to realize that it was God protecting her. My boyfriends court is Jan 31. So between court, work, the lump in my breast and my daughter's car accident I'm done. I can barely sleep through the night. All I have is my scriptures..God's word that everything will be ok.

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I’m sorry that you are dealing with all this. My challenges were different but I do know how you feel. In the past several years, every single piece of my life was decimated in one way or another. It was so overwhelming and my depression was worse than I could have previously comprehended. Its really just these past few months that some things are turning around for me, but they are. And they will for you, too. I sincerely do not mean to talk about myself but just wanted to say that you aren’t alone in what you’re going through, no matter how it feels. I still mean it that if you need anything (talk, cry, get out, get…

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