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Lost It For A Moment

I had such a wonderful birthday weekend. Than came Monday and was it a Monday for sure. I had call offs, no call no shows and late employees. I was ready to fire everyone. I am not exaggerating. I have a few guys that I believe are doing side work and they seem to be taking turns calling off and it's always 2 days in a row. The part that upsets me is I really don't need them so I told them what I thought they were doing and don't lie to me. That I'll work with them when we are installing roofs only. They still won't admit anything. If and when I find out they are not being honest it will be an automatic fire and no re-hire. I literally gave them a chance to be honest and talk to me and they didn't. I hired a sub contractor to do a roof install because the others are dependable and when they find out I don't care. How can my employees complain that they need to work because winter is coming and they get laid off and than call off or not show up?

I think the funny part is they think they are putting one over me. They aren't and I'm keeping track and firing will happen. Also, I must say the attorney we have for my boyfriend is an asshole. He doesn't answer his client, my boyfriend, calls or returns them and the 1 time he spoke to him he spoke down to my boyfriend like he was a harden criminal. When my boyfriend told me this I thought he was exaggerating until I spoke to him and he wasn't nice to me. He is not better than me. I was so mad. I told him my boyfriend is not a bad person just an addict. I shouldn't have to defend my boyfriend to his own attorney. This is putting stress on my relationship with my boyfriend and I because of his lawyer apparently doing nothing and the stress at work. This isn't fair to me. Haven't I been through enough? After Monday work got better. No honesty from those few employees but when I catch them in the lie I will deal with them appropriately. Until than I work and try to survive every week and keep praying. Hopefully I can keep a positive attitude as the roller-coaster continues.

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