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The wedding was so beautiful. My grandson was smiling from ear to ear. His dream came true. The best part was you could see how much they all love each other. They will make it. Also had a small victory in my relationship restoration with my son. We didn't really talk but by the end of the night he hugged me. It's been 5 years since I've seen him. Baby steps. 2 beautiful miracles on Friday 13th. Best day in a long time. I should of known I would get attacked. Saturday I had a couple guys come over, friends from work, to help me mulch. It's all done and looks beautiful. I even got to do some touch up paint on my outdoor decorations. I was truly happy. Sunday I was tired. So I rested. The more I rested I kept thinking about my life.

My mind was bombarded with thoughts not of happiness and miracles from the past couple days but misery because my boyfriend is in jail and I don't know what's going to happen, his company I'm running - is it even worth it. I had to fight it but I will admit I did curl up on the couch and got depressed. I called off Monday because I wasn't feeling good and just didn't feel like it. I kept looking at the wedding picture of me, my daughter and son. That's my miracle. My family restored. I know it was only that day and I don't expect s lot right now but it gives me hope. I was able to pull myself out of depression by reminding myself of the miracle and God is handing everything. Even if you don't see anything happen it doesn't mean God isn't handling it. Sometimes it just all of a sudden happens. I guess that's why they call it a miacle.

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