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Were do I start with this week? I posted the rules and consequences at work because I am tired of people taking advantage of me and the situation. I'm thinking 3 employees won't make it past September and I am ok with that. It was way past the time for me to start enforcing these rules. Sometimes you have to be the boss and not the friend even though I tried very hard to not be strict and it got me no where. I talked to my boyfriends lawyer yesterday and he said that he was told that they are filing new charges on my boyfriend. Probably possession. Sorta stupid though. He's an addict and they arrested him while he was high and at home so you would automatically assume he would have the pills on him. Our attorney said you know

I'm going to need more money with the new charges. WTH lol. I gave him a $2500 retainer and all he did was visit my boyfriend once, go to court once, which was 30 mins, and talk to me maybe at total of 1 hour and spoke to my boyfriend maybe 30 mins total in 5 months. There is no way we are out of money yet. I will get an itemized statement from him before I give him more money. I deal with a lot of lawyers. I am juggling 3 as of right now, criminal, real estate and business. Not my first rodeo lol I guess we will find out what our options are on Tuesday when the charges are done being filed. At least things are moving which is better than being in limbo. This weekend is Labor Day weekend and I am blessed to be able to have my grandson and his friend for a sleep over all weekend. I won't be alone. I'm planning all kinds of things. I'm so excited. I will tell you all about it next week. Be safe and Happy Labor Day!

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