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No Worries

I don't understand why a particular guy at work thinks I should be stressed out all the time. When it comes down to it my boyfriend and 2 guys at work were involved with my boyfriend and the drugs. They helped him get them. Are they that stupid to not think eventually it would get out of hand? He was on probation, duh. They didn't care though - their pockets were being padded to shut their mouth. Only one confessed to me and is really sorry. The other one acts like he wasn't a part of any of it even though I read the text messages. He probably knows he's on his way out and that's fine with me. I just need him for 2 jobs than he can go.

The battle to help my boyfriend was a lost cause. Me and against the 3 of them. This is why I'm not stressed at work. My boyfriend is where he needs to be right now. I make things go smoothly at work for me first, than the guys than my boyfriend. I'm going to be a little selfish right now. I tried to help. No one cared but now they do. SMH. If the business closes ( we are ok right now ) than it closes. I have money saved and I can collect unemployment. I'm not going to have anxiety attacks or have a heart attack for something that is out of my control. They should of thought about this situation before they drove him to get the drugs. Not my problem. No matter what happens I know I'll be fine. I do tend to always help people and I will never change that about me but I will not get sick over it anymore. It is what it is.

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