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Not Today

Boy has today been a day. I work at a roofing company and I blew my tire. Literally ran over a nail and crowbar. No one can get my tire until Saturday. I'm stuck driving with a donut on. My mom is at the hospital getting x-rays on her lungs because she has pneumonia and her 1 lung is getting 100% air in. My new computer won't sync my programs with my old computer. Literally nothing wants to go right today. Tomorrow I get to have under my gums cleaned. I was so frustrated and stressed. I try to look at the positive.

The guy at work put my donut tire on. At least it won't be 2 weeks for a new tire and deep down in my heart I know God will heal my mom. That doesn't stop me from feeling such a way. I sat at my desk and stared at my computer and after a big sigh I said " It's just a bad moment not a bad day", My mom is healed", " control your emotions don't let them control you" and " all is well". I'm sure the demons of this world did not like hearing me say these things but to bad. What I didn't know until I turned around is the guy that changed my tire was listening to me. As a Christian I feel like I'm always under the microscope. They want me to fall or loses faith. What I said surprised him. He a good guy but lost in his faith. He didn't say anything but just stared at me. In some way I think him watching me handle one thing after another might of helped him..if not today maybe another day. I believe you have to lead by example and I am so glad that God helped me today.

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