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Peace - Maybe

It has been one crazy week. Yes, my boyfriend got arrested last week. It has been insane since. I was only able to speak to him yesterday. Almost a week since he was arrested. They had him in solitaire for who knows what reasons. It was wonderful and sad to talk to him. The first thing he said was " Baby, are you ok. I need to make sure you're ok. I know I f-ed up". It was a nice talk. I told him that the guys are being wonderful and really helping and going above and beyond. I also told him that my daughter was here to help me type proposals.

He asked if he could talk to her. I was shocked but I gave her the phone. He apologized to her for being such a screw up and told her he really does love her mom ( me ) and wants to marry me and that things will change and he doesn't want to be in jail. My daughter said to him, "Well I hope you don't want to be in there and to prove yourself when you get out". She was truthful and I can't blame her. Work has been incredibly busy. Even though the guys are helping and my daughter will be coming in once a week for 1/2 day until my boyfriend comes back I still have to be me at the job and take over my boyfriends duties ( except climbing on the ladders).In addition to that, my cough came back and I lost my voice so its been interesting to say the least. He told me he was on gag 2 and may catch a new charge. We may be looking at 4 months to a year. I was completely numb yesterday when he told me. It will be nice when he gets to a pod and can call more often but until than this is stressful. One of the guys said to me yesterday, " Look, you're a believer - trust God. He won't give you more than you can handle". I really needed that. God helped me in this situation back in 2019 and he will help me now. I will try to let my mind at peace and rest in God knowing HE IS IN CONTROL. He always has been. It's not my timing but HIS. Now hopefully I can start getting a good night sleep going forward. God bless!

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