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Sweat-less Victory

I didn't mention on last blog that on Friday last week I had a major allergic reaction to something and my face swelled and my lips were 4xs bigger than what they normally are. Luckily, I as able to see my doctor and get steroids on top of taking 2 claritons, flonase and Benadryl at night. They are almost 100% back to normal a week later - just really dry and sometimes they tingle. I'm out of steroids but I'll take the other allergy meds and it should keep improving. Work can be some serious bs. These guys..especially 2 are ridiculous. 1 never shows and I can't fire him because he's my boyfriends son and the other one is being super lazy since my boyfriend ( owner ) is in jail. I hope he's enjoying it now because when my boyfriend comes back in 3 - 9 months he's in for a shock because I tell my boyfriend EVERYTHING. I was listening to

Creflo Dollar's confessions this morning and I loved that during this bs time at work I am reminded to go into a season of ease - sweat-less victory. I do what God wants me to do but I don't do or try to do what only God can do. It's hard. I'm human and sometimes I worry. Which is just a negative form of meditation. There are times I think I can fix it myself. Nope. It gets taken care of after I pray and surrender to God on the issue. Sometimes I have to kick myself in my butt to remind myself that I am the righteousness of God and my God is bigger than all my problems. Even through all the crazy this week I feel really peaceful today. I'm gonna take it. I have plans to plant a mini garden this weekend and I have someone helping me paint the spare bedroom. It'll will be a wonderful accomplished weekend. After all that is done I can finally enjoy my weekends in the summer. I Just wanted to remind everyone even when we're human and get scared and worried that we need to focus on God because he can and will take care of it and it will be in your best favor even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment.

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