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When it rains

Sitting at work minding my own business just enjoying the peace. I realize I haven't heard about my lower back x-rays. I called the imagery place and had them sent to my chiropractor. I trust him. The news wasn't what I expected. Mild to moderate bone spurs and the Big " A" ( arthritis ). To say the least I was very upset. I'll admit I did cry for a minute about it but than I got angry. After everything that is going on in my life I didn't need this. Not that it's life threatening but I was already standing on faith with my situation with my boyfriend and this hit me like a sucker punch. When it rains I guess it pours...

I try to be healthy. I take vitamins, herbs and minerals. I usually exercise but have slacked since my hysterectomy in May 2021 but I wasn't lazy by any means. A couple weeks ago I started working out again. So what the hell? Truth is even though I have God I'm human and I slipped back into my emotions. The difference this time is I wasn't in my emotions long. After the anger a different anger came. I stood up and said " No! I don't accept this! I am the righteousness of God! No weapon formed against me will prosper - even sickness! By Jesus's stripes I am healed". Thank goodness I was in the office by myself when I did this. How dare satan get into my thoughts and be negative. Your only battle with the evil one is through your thoughts. Don't let him win. There's a spiritual battle in the mind. Shut satan up with God's word. I than immediately started looking up scriptures that agreed with my healing. I made copies and I have one at home and one at work. This is what I'll meditate on. At night I found on YouTube 8 hours of healing scriptures to listen too. I fall asleep to it. I will still listen to my chiropractor on the strengthening my core and stuff because I do believe God sometimes works through other people. I went home last night and did my workout. I felt good not to succumb to this disease. I am healed and my next x-rays will show something different - like it never happened. I will be a testimony for God's healing. This proves as a born again Christian life isn't easy. We still have struggles but how you react is what separates us from the rest.

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